The Truth

We are bringing a real approach to modern men's skincare products. We believe it's our imperfections that make us individuals. We want men to look at themselves in the mirror and like who they see. The products aren't about making you look younger or stopping the aging process. It's about working with what you've got.

Live Fast. Die Soft.

We are committed to delivering a balance of naturalness, affordability and sustainability and make it accessible to every man. As a socially responsible company, our products are formulated without parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or non-sustainable ingredients - and they certainly are not tested on animals. That's the truth.

What We Value



Honesty is key to Brutal Truth’s communications, even if it means sharing an inconvenient truth or two. We’ll speak our mind, state what we believe to be right, admit when we’re wrong and show everything we’ve got to hide.


Brutal Truth products are built for daily use, utilising robust ingredients set for whatever man can throw at them. We aspire to earn a place alongside the classics (think Swiss Army Knife, M65 Jacket, Blundstone Boot), an indispensable product for the everyday man.


Our products are made in Melbourne using Australian native extracts like Tasman Pepper Berry and Australian Rainforest Lime. As a socially responsible company, our products are formulated without aluminium, zinc, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours - and they’re certainly not tested on animals.


Brutal Truth is a challenger. An underdog. It stands on it’s own in the marketplace. It will not perpetuate topical trends or beauty bullshit. Brutal Truth will not offer superfluous items, only what men truly need. Take it or leave it.

We’re Giving Back. Because Man, You Deserve Better.

Traditionally, men have a habit of putting themselves at the bottom of the priority list – often putting the welfare of others first and work-related matters ahead of their own personal needs. There’s nothing wrong with hard work and sacrifice – but not at the expense of our well-being and quality of life.

We stand for taking action and bros supporting bros. That’s why we are a proud partner of Movember, to help fund men’s health programs for those who need it.

If you’d like to make a direct contribution to Movember, follow this link to donate. 

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Man On A Mission

In 2003, Movember co-founder, Travis Garone helped kick-start a global movement around men’s health. Since then, more than one billion dollars has been raised to tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention.

Alongside his work with Movember, Travis co-founded Brutal Truth – an Australian owned and made natural skin care brand made for the everyday man. With years of business experience under his belt, Travis had no interest in creating a skin care brand full of superfluous items. Instead, Brutal Truth was born out of a desire to deliver products that work and work well.

In addition to delivering natural, sustainable and affordable products, Brutal Truth wants to help men realise that it’s their imperfections that make them individual. They want men to feel comfortable in their own skin and look in the mirror and like who they see.