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Our products contain an extensive list of ingredients and simply using them daily may benefit the appearance of your skin. But the most feel good factor of using our products is the percentage donated to the Movember Foundation. 

If you’re interested in jumping from page to page on Wikipedia, go for it, but for those of you with less time we’ve collated some knowledge on our signature ingredients. Reading through the following you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a miracle in every jar, but the truth is each product will do it’s job. Regardless of any claims it’s good to know that what you’re putting on your face has been well considered.

Kakadu Plum - also known as Gubinge, Murunga or Billygoat Plum - grows natively in Australia’s West and Northern Territory. The plum itself contains the highest levels of vitamin C of any fruit in the world, 50 times the content of oranges. It’s profile as a superfood has grown in recent times, with the potential to be used in many other aspects of life. Australian indigenous people have utilised the fruit as a traditional source of food for around 40,000 years.

Centipeda Cunninghammii, or Old Man Weed - the translation of its traditional Koori name Gukwonderuk, is a perennial herb which can be recognised by its uniquely shaped leaf and pungent scent, reminiscent of pint and mint. An indigenous Australian plant that can be found growing in all states, flourishing in swampy areas such as billabongs. Researchers have found Old Man Weed has hygienic properties.

Sandalwood (Santalum Album) has been cultivated, processed and traded since ancient times. It's ideal origin is coastal dry forests up to 700 m elevation, growing in sandy or stony red soils. There’s a long list of attributes connected to the usage of Sandalwood, such as in the assistance of increased mental clarity, relaxation and memory. 

Vetiver - also known as Khus Oil or the botanical Chrysopogon Zizanioides - is a grass native to India. The name derives from a Tamil word that means ‘Hatcheted up’. Valued for it's positive effects since coming into widespread use in the 12th century, this sacred herb may be used in tonics or relaxing agents.

Patchouli is a robust, bushy herb of the mint family, native to tropical regions of Asia. The leaf can be used to make herbal tea and in some cultures is consumed as a vegetable. Being an astringent it may assist with balancing the appearance of oily skin. 

Marjoram is a perennial herb, native to Cyprus and southern Turkey. Whether used as an essential oil, powder, fresh or dried leaves, Marjoram has many uses. 


And now, a word from Dr. Feel Good.


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